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Learn Italian in Italy, or online from your home or office.
Madrelingua offers a full range of Italian courses and Italian language exams to adult students of all ages.
Choose a standard or intensive Italian course at our school in the historic center of Bologna, or study online with one of our experienced Italian teachers.
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Do you believe the customer reviews you read online??

Do you believe the customer reviews you read when shopping online, booking a hotel, or choosing an Italian language school?? Well perhaps you shouldn’t. Caveat emptor, and all that. According to this article in The Guardian, in June this year the UK Competition and Marketing Authority opened an investigation into possible widespread abuse of online […]

Italian evening class dates and times

Just a quick update from anyone working or studying in Bologna and interested in Italian evening classes this term… Classes start next week! Check the level, days & time of your course here: A1 lunedì-mercoledì, inizia lunedì 5 ottobre ore 18.00 A2 martedì-giovedì, inizia martedì 6 ottobre ore 18.00 B1 lunedì-mercoledì, inizia lunedì 5 ottobre […]