Madrelingua Italian Language School in Bologna, Italy, has helped thousands of people from around the world realise their dream of learning to speak and understand Italian.

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Should I choose an intensive Italian course?

In a word, “No.” Four hours a day of learning Italian is more than enough for most people. There is, after all, a limit to how much Italian your brain will be able to absorb on any given day. And there’s more to life than studying, no? In the afternoon you could do tourist stuff, […]

What’s the ideal length for an Italian course? (And how much will it cost?)

There is no ideal length for an Italian course. The longer you study, the more you’ll learn, obviously. You could go from zero to advanced in around six months, which is a pretty long language course (though less expensive than you might imagine.) But most people will start with a week or two, to see […]