24 Reasons To Study Italian

I assume you’re interested in learning Italian, or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

But wanting to is one thing.

Actually deciding to give it a go (or to keep at it, if you’ve already begun) is quite another.

Perhaps you need reasons to convince your partner, parents, children or grandkids that taking an Italian course at Madrelingua is an excellent idea?

Or maybe the person you really need to persuade is yourself?

No matter. Here are twenty-four winning arguments for you to employ!

Why Learn Italian?

  1. As a personal challenge
  2. So you feel less like a Martian when traveling
  3. To spend some time working or studying in Italy
  4. To emigrate to Italy, or to integrate better if you’re already here
  5. To make your resume/CV stand out from the crowd
  6. To improve your study and cognitive skills (or to ward off decrepitude!)
  7. To build your self-confidence
  8. To impress others
  9. To set a good example to your kids
  10. To avoid boredom
  11. To better understand others
  12. To boost your career
  13. To gain new opportunities
  14. To develop your communication skills
  15. To become a more interesting person
  16. To communicate with Italian family or friends
  17. To rediscover your roots
  18. To explore cultural or religious interests
  19. To understand Italian music, movies or literature
  20. To get better academic scores
  21. To discover Italian food and wine (not just what’s in your local deli)
  22. To even the score with Italians who speak your language
  23. For a sense of achievement
  24. Out of the sheer joy of learning

Cavolo, I’ve almost convinced myself!

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