Madrelingua Italian Language School, Bologna, is a member of ASILS, “The Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language”, which counts amongst its members many of the top Italian language schools in Italy.

ASILS was set up to guarantee the quality of instruction and the professional level of services offered to students learning Italian in Italy.

A.S.I.L.S. member schools must adhere to minimum quality standards

  • Schools must have a permanent base and offer Italian courses throughout the year (rather than just being set up temporarily for the summer period, for example)
  • The publicity material issued by member schools must be accurate and detailed, and so not mislead potential clients
  • Teachers must be graduates with teaching experience
  • The school should offer an accommodation-finding service
  • Students must be level-tested and placed in a class with others at the same level
  • The maximum number of students in the class must not exceed that promised in the school’s brochure or on the website
  • The school director must be available to resolve any problems students may have
  • Each student’s progress with Italian must be continually monitored
  • The school should offer a programme of social and cultural activities
  • All students must be given a certificate of attendance describing the course that they have done
  • There should be a test at the end of each level
  • In the event of serious problems, students in member schools have the right to appeal to the President of ASILS

Madrelingua Italian Language School in Bologna is happy to meet or exceed these minimum standards and is proud of being associated with other professional language schools in Italy.

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