Last few days to enroll for a CILS exam in Bologna this June

A quick ‘heads up’ for anyone interested in certifying their level in Italian.

We’re closing enrollments for the June 2016 session of the CILS Italian language exams early next week. Enroll now through our online shop or visit our CILS page to find out more.

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CILS Italian Exams: Enrollment Deadline Approaching!

If you’re still mulling over certifying your level in Italian with a CILS exam, the moment has arrived to make a decision!

CILS exams, Bologna

CILS Italian language exams

The enrollment deadline for the next bi-annual exam session is in a week or so.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here are two recent articles:

Or see our regular CILS page.

Exam fees can be paid conveniently and cheaply through our online shop, in the same way as course/accommodation deposits.

For more information:

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Take an Italian course, get an A1 or A2 CILS exam FREE!

It’s that time of the year when I suggest boosting your resume, or just motivating yourself to study, by signing up for a CILS Italian language exam.

And, as usual, we have a special promotion!

Book a group Italian course of any length, even just a week, at the same time as registering for a CILS exam at our center and we will discount your course by the cost of the A1 or A2 exam (€40).

In effect, you pay for your course, and get an A1 or A2 exam for FREE!

Or, if you’d prefer to take one of the more costly, higher-level exams, you still qualify for a €40 discount on your course.

(Please note that this offer does not apply to individual Italian lessons, only group courses.)

For the next session of CILS, on June 9th, the enrollment deadline is Thursday 7th April 2016.

It’s possible to enrol directly at our school in Bologna, or online through our shop. Here are the links:

View all levels
CILS A1 (elementary) €40
CILS A2 (pre-intermediate) €40
CILS B1 (intermediate) €90
CILS B2 (upper-intermediate) €105
CILS C1 (advanced) €135
CILS C2 (proficiency) €160

If unsure about your level, or anything else for that matter, here’s how to contact us with your question.

So, that’s the exam enrollment sorted… What about an Italian course, to get you up to speed before the exam?

Here are the links to the different options we offer (remember, the offer detailed above only applies to group courses, not individual or online Italian lessons):

For more information:

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Certify your knowledge of Italian with a CILS exam!

Learning Italian is one thing, but wouldn’t it be useful to have a recognized international qualification to certify your knowledge of the language for future employers or for university entrance?

The CILS exams, organized by the University of Siena, will allow you to do just that!

You can choose between six different levels, according to your ability, and take the exam at our school in Bologna any June or December.

A CILS certificate would look great on your CV / resume and enrollments are already open for the June 2016 session.

Find out more about CILS exams on our website. If you’re working or studying in Bologna, you can register for the exam at our school. If not, do it online through our shop.

Madrelingua can help you prepare for your CILS exam in three ways:

Contact us for more information, or check out our Italian courses page.

CILS Italian language exam deadline postponed to Thursday!

Apologies to anyone uninterested in taking an Italian exam, but (as predicted) the University of Siena, which organizes the CILS ‘Italian language for foreigners’ exams, has extended the deadline for enrollments for the December 2015 exams.

The last day for enrollments is now Thursday 29th of October. To give us time to process your registration, we’d ask that you enroll by midday.

For more information on CILS exams in Bologna, follow these links:

CILS exams | Enroll online | What are CILS exams?

Or find out more about Italian courses in Bologna.

Last chance to sign up for a CILS exam in December

A quick reminder for anyone wanting to get qualified in Italian: the deadline for enrolling for a CILS Italian language exam is this Friday!

That said, every year the University of Siena writes to us at the last minute to announce that they’re keeping registrations open for another week, so don’t be surprised if you get an erratum to this email…

For the moment, though, it’s ‘get it done by Friday or wait until June 2016!’

More info here:

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I’ve got CILS, they’re multiplying…

No, not ‘chills’ as in the song made famous by the 1978 romantic comedy Grease.

CILS as in the University of Siena’s Italian language exams ‘Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera’.

So if this is the year you plan to get your Italian language skills certified, enrollments are now open for the next CILS exam session on December 3rd 2015.

A CILS certificate would look great on anyone’s resume, and is accepted by Italian universities and other institutions as proof of your level in Italian.

But even if you don’t need an Italian certification for work or study, the discipline of preparing for a language exam can be very motivating.

What’s more, taking and passing an internationally-recognized qualification is a great way to measure your progress with Italian.

For more information about taking a CILS exam at Madrelingua in Bologna click here.

And even if you’re not actually in Bologna, it’s possible to enroll for CILS in our online shop, with payments via Paypal or bank transfer.

The deadline for enrollments is 23rd October.

What about those of you who are not interested in taking an Italian language exam?

We’ve got that covered too! Check out the other types of Italian course we offer.

You can choose between standard, intensive or personalized courses.

We also offer Italian evening classes and even Italian lessons online!

Find out more

E-mail us, phone us (we speak English), or just drop by the school. We’ll be happy to meet you!

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CILS Bologna: last few days to register for the June session

Here’s a quick reminder for anyone who wants or needs to take a CILS (Italian language) exam in Bologna this year.

The next session will be in June, and enrollments close in just a few days!

Enrol directly at Madrelingua Italian language school on Thursday 30th April, Saturday 2nd of May, or at the very latest, Monday 4th of May (remember, Friday 1st of May is a public holiday in Italy!)

If you’re not in Bologna, you can also enrol online through the school website.

Click here for more information about CILS exams!

Or here to contact us with your question.

In bocca al lupo a tutti!