Last few hours to save 20% on Italian courses in Bologna

Hope you had/are having a very enjoyable Christmas Day.

This is just a quick, last-minute reminder that the 20% discount offer on Italian courses in Bologna ends in just a few hours.

At midnight Italian time.

That’s 9 a.m. on Boxing Day in Sydney, Australia but 11 p.m. this evening in London, 6 in the afternoon in New York, 3 p.m. on the U.S. west coast, and so on.

Wherever you are, it’s soon.

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You have been reminded.

Get it done.

Then, no more emails for a while!

Buon Natale!


Make 2015 the year you get serious about learning Italian…

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Auguri di Buon Natale (& last day to save 20%!)

Stefi and Daniel, along with all of the teachers and support staff at Madrelingua Italian Language School, join to wish you, your family and your community:

‘Auguri di Buon Natale!’

We hope to see you at our school in Bologna in 2015, in particular all our old friends, but also many, many new faces!

‘Mille grazie’ to the many people who’ve already taken advantage of our ‘best offer of the year’ to save 20% on their next course.

The offer ends at midnight tonight (25th Dec.), so it’s still not too late to secure this great discount on your 2015 Italian course.

  • Save a fifth on any group Italian course, of any length, starting in 2015!
  • No need to decide the dates now – just let us know the period you want to study when you’ve decided
  • LAST DAY to get your 20% discount by paying a deposit of just €120
  • No more to pay until the first day of your course

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Questions? Need more info?

Full details of this offer are here: I’m ready – tell me how to save 20% on my Italian course!

Stefi and I will be eating lunch with her extended (Italian) family in a cousin’s restaurant – these things tend to go on all afternoon.

But thanks to the wonders of smartphones, she’ll still be able to answer any questions you might have.

Contact her any time up until midnight tonight on:

Or go here, now, to complete your deposit payment.

Don’t miss the CILS exam registration deadline next week!

If you need a push to improve your Italian, don’t forget the up-coming June session of CILS (Italian language) exams.

Registration ends at the end of April, which still leaves you time to look for cheap flights to Bologna and complete our extremely simple online booking process.

Take a look at these recent articles on why you might want to include an exam as part of your language learning:

And don’t forget that if you take an Italian course at our school immediately before or after your exam date, we’ll discount your course by the cost of an A1 or A2 CILS exam (or equivalent amount if you’d prefer to take a higher level).

To turbo-charge your Italian studies and save €€ on your next Italian course, click here to visit our CILS page.

Remember, registrations for the June session of exams end a week today, Wednesday 30th of April.

More information on CILS exams in Bologna.


Last chance to get your free Vermeer ticket – book today!

Take an Italian course in Bologna and see 'The Myth of the Golden Age' for free

Last day of our ‘Girl with a pearl earring’ offer!

The ‘Girl with a pearl earring’ offer ends at midnight tonight.

Book an Italian language course in Bologna for any time up to 11th April 2014, and your ticket to the ‘Myth of the Golden Age’ exhibition (just one street away from our school) is on us!

This offer applies AS WELL AS any other discounts you might find if you read our website carefully…

Full details of the offer are here.

Or contact us with your question(s).

But don’t hang about.

You have just 12 hours left to get your free ticket! [Read more…]

When’s the best time of year to visit Bologna?

Why vist Bologna in March?

Why vist Bologna in March?

Well, anytime really.

There’s always lots to see and do.

Such as taking in the current ‘Girl with a pearl earring’ exhibition (see the special offer which ends this Friday).

However, we admit that Bologna doesn’t have the greatest climate in Italy (nowhere on the ‘pianura padana’ does…)

It can be uncomfortably hot and humid in July and August, and rather cold and humid during the winter.

So, if you’re planning on booking an Italian course, check out this page, which gives details of average minimum and maximum temperatures each month.

The words you need to understand the chart are: [Read more…]

What’s the average age of people learning Italian at your school?

Madrelingua Italian School, Bologna

Study Italian in Bologna!

Would you feel awkard studying Italian in a class full of people who are much younger than you are?

Or perhaps you ARE one of those much younger people, and would hate the idea of being stuck with a bunch of retired folk?

Maybe that’s why “What’s the average age of people learning Italian at your school?” is a question we get asked rather often.


Sorry, we don’t know old our average student is…

It sounds rather evasive, but it’s true. We don’t know the average age of our Italian students.

Why? [Read more…]

In Bologna? The Italian evening classes start again next week!

Italian evening classes, BolognaIf you’re not currently in or near Bologna, well… sorry to have disturbed you!

But if you ARE studying or working here, and need to improve your Italian in a hurry, you may be interested to know that the Italian evening classes restart again next week.

Are Italian evening classes right for you?

  • 2 evenings a week, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • classes planned for all levels (contact us for details)
  • lessons include grammar input and lots of opportunities to practice!
  • your teacher will help you prepare for a CILS exam in June 2014
  • minimum enrollment 1 module (3 weeks, 18 hours of lessons)
  • in 4 modules your Italian should improve a whole level
  • save money if you enroll immediately for 2, 3 or 4 modules!

Italian evening classes may be the only option if you study or work here in Bologna. But they also a good choice if you just prefer a less intensive experience.

And they’re a great way to meet people to socialise with during your time in Bologna.

Find out more about Italian evening classes in Bologna.

See all our Italian courses in Bologna.

Contact us

Psst! Wanna see Italy? Start here!

Picture, I dunno, a tree.

Got an image of a tree in your mind? Brown trunk? Green bushy foliage.

OK, forget the foliage, as it’s almost winter. Bare branches then.

Your tree is Italy (makes a change from a boot, right?)

On the bottom left of the bushy part of the tree, where the leaves start (or will do, when it’s finally spring again), you have the border with France.

There’s a place called Ventimiglia (“twenty miles”) right there, on the border.

A little way along, on the underside of the tree at the angle with the trunk, there’s Genova.

And up from there, into the canopy, like a nesting bird, Turin. [Read more…]

It’s a beautiful day in Bologna!

Finally, the clouds have cleared and the greyness and humidity of autumn has gone.

The sky is a bright blue today, and the sun is hot.

So, I had no excuse not to cycle to work this morning, which brought back memories of the London commute, before we moved to Italy.

Shudders. Truly, on a day like today, I wouldn’t live anywhere else but Bologna.

Which kind of put me in the mood to write about the attractions of our city and why it’s such a great place to learn Italian.

I even thought of popping out to the piazza and taking a few photos for you. [Read more…]

Madrelingua’s new site is connected to Twitter

Have you seen our new website? It’s now connected to Twitter too!