Check out our wonky Christmas tree!

Madrelingua's Christmas tree!I hate getting “Merry Christmas” emails because everyone sends them: suppliers, competitors and spammers. Everyone uninteresting.

It’s such a cliché.

Writing them can be fun, though. And this year I even did my own tree image, instead of ripping one off from Google.

(If you can’t see my wonky Christmas tree over there >>> click the “show images” link in your email client.)

So, you probably worked out by now that if you need a graphic designer, you’re not immediately going to think of Madrelingua.

On the other hand, we hope to be your first port of call anytime you’re in the market for a top-quality Italian language course.

Christmas marketing message delivered. Ho, ho, ho.

Buon natale to you and your families, wherever you are in the world.

Daniel, Stefi, Francesca, Paola, Giulia, Paolo, Lucia

(and everyone else who helped in 2013!)


P.S. This article is open for comments, so if you want to wish us Buon natale or send Christmas greetings to your teachers or people you met on your course, go right ahead!

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  1. Joan Kehoe says:

    Buon Anno a tutti! One day I will sign up for classes, I hope. Would love to visit Bologna again, perhaps to study; however as I am 74 years old the internet might be it for me.

  2. John Thomson says:

    This is a ‘test’ comment. using Daniel’s posting strategy
    John Thomson

    • John Thomson says:

      Ah Ha it works
      Buon nuovo anno a tutti, particulamente a Daniel, sua Famiglia, Lucia, Francesca Federica

      il prossimo nuovo anno, preparero Zampone con lentiche, ha la ricetta qualcuno?

      John Thomson

      • Zampone is usually boil in a bag…
        For the lentils, use green ones. Soak them overnight. Chuck away the water.
        Finely chop onion, celery and carrot and brown in hot olive oil. Add a little bacon too, if you have it. Add the lentils, add some stock or water, top on, bring to the boil, then simmer until they’re done.
        Add more liquid during the cooking phase if you need it. Left-over sparkling wine is good.
        Add salt and pepper to taste only at the end.
        Personally I think these taste a lot better the next day, or days, so it’s a good idea to make them in advance.

        In Bologna they say “Lenticchie portano soldi” so I always try to eat plenty. Discussion on that here.

  3. Ricardo Botti says:

    Buon natale a voi, Stefi e Daniel, grazie e auguri a tutti, specialmente le mie inaegnanti, Fran & Giulia e Paola, Paolo, Laura, Anita, Daniele, Luccia,Stefania F. Ai compagni, Steve,Dana,Anna (Anuta),Justyna,Jarard,Marta, Betül i miei co-tirocinananti, Alex, Cècile e la città di Bologna!☺

    • Buon Natale Riccardo!
      Appena finito a mangiare i cappelletti in brodo. E tu?
      Buon anno,
      Daniel e Stefi

  4. John Paloni says:

    Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year to all, from the land of OZ and lots of sun

  5. ***** Congratulazioni per il vostro nuovo anno con i miei sinceri sentimenti e anche grazie per quello che mi avete dato per imparare la fantastica lingua italiana con il vostro inesauribile energia e pazienza …. Ancora grazie mille….Buon Natale ******

  6. Bruce Benson says:

    Buon Natale a tutti i miei amici di madrelingua. Alla prossima primavera.

  7. Amandine Gatelier says:

    Buon Natale e un felice e prospero 2014 a tutti voi!!

  8. Stella Griffiths says:

    Buon Natale ed auguri per 2014

  9. Buon natale a tutti voi