Check Out These Free Resources For Learning Italian!

Taking an Italian course, here in Italy or at home, is an excellent way to learn and practice the language.

But it’s not the only way!

So here are a few suggestions for things you can do right now, for free!

Italian Beginners’ Course Online

Logo of dontspeakitalian.comWe developed¬†for people who’d like to get an initial idea of Italian before committing themselves to studying the language. If you already know French or Spanish, you should find the material usable, even if you’ve never studied Italian before.

There are fifty pages of materials, including grammar explanations, audio and exercises. It’s aimed at beginners, but would be useful revision material whatever your level. Visit

Free Audio Tracks With Transcripts

Logo of is a similar project, but so far incomplete. Still, we thought you might be interested, as there are lots of useful listening practice tracks, with transcripts.

Click here to take a look.

54 Grammar Lessons!

Logo of onlineitalianclub.comBy far the most extensive of my choices today is, which has literally thousands of pages of free stuff.

Recently, they’ve completed a series of 54 grammar ‘lessons’ each comprising an explanation and exercises. As with the other sites, it’s all free to use. Go to site.


But what if you find self-study hard?

After all, not everyone has the experience or motivation to learn a language by themselves…

One-To-One Italian Lessons Via Skype

One-to-one online Italian lessons via Skype are NOT free, but might be just the thing if you prefer some support as you learn Italian!

Regular video calls with one of our expert teachers can really boost your confidence with Italian. They’re also perfect for ‘warming up’ before you come to Italy, or as a follow up to a more traditional course at our school in Bologna. Find out about online lessons.

Join us in Bologna!

And of course, there’s always the traditional option of an Italian course, in a classroom, at our school in Bologna, Italy!

Choose between standard, intensive, individual or evening classes. For more details: Italian Courses In Bologna


  1. Karen Drage says:

    The listening resources are great. Improving listening and speaking is the hardest part. I have just started using the recordings as a way of improving my pronunciation. I listen to a piece, and then record my self reading the same. That way I can start to identify where I am going wrong. I hope to minimise my English accent