Congratulations CILS students!



“Congratulazioni” to the 21 students who passed a CILS Italian language exam at Madrelingua this summer!

Liudmill and Samantha passed the A2 exam.

Guillermo got his B1.

Yuki, Palma Boglarka, Charlotte, Guilherme, Fernando, Gonzalo, Carlos Javier, Laura, Jorge, Ana, Fernando, Maria Isabela and Hye Kyoung all receive B2 CILS certificates.

At C1, Adel, Viktoria and Sophia were successful!

And finally there were two passes at the highest, C2, level: Luciene and Marli Joanina.

Well done to all of you!

CILS December 2012

For students interested in the next session of CILS exams in Bologna, there are still a few days left in which you can enroll.

Check out our CILS page for details of the course + exam offer: you could save the price of an A1 or A2 exam, or get €40 off a higher level exam, if you sign up for a course at the same time.

CILS Practice Materials

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CILS forum

Last, but not least, don’t forget the CILS forum on The place to ask your questions about the exam, the free  materials, or any problems you are having with your preparation!