Do you secretly love taking exams?

Surely everyone HATES taking exams?

Well, no.

Most people SAY they don’t like exams, and it can certainly be hard work preparing for a CILS Italian language exam, and stressful on the actual day.

But secretly, lots of people love the whole process.

And why not? There are lots of great reasons to include an exam in your Italian study program:

  • enrolling for an CILS Italian language exam is a guaranteed way to motivate yourself to study
  • the preparation and the actual exam will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and so prioritise better
  • and taking an exam will prove to yourself, and to the world, that you’ve really learnt something
  • plus there’s that great feeling you’ll get when you pass, which will make all the hard work worthwhile!
  • and of course, your CV will stand out from the crowd, too

OK, OK, it’s true that if you go around saying how much you love taking exams, people will think you’re weird.

And they’ll call you a “secchione”.

But don’t miss out on the fun just because of what others will think.

You don’t have to tell them the truth, that you secretly enjoy taking a CILS exam and think it’s a fantastic chance to improve your Italian.

Maybe you could say that your mother made you, or that you need the certificate for your job, or something like that?

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