Don’t miss the free e-book offer!

This is a quick ‘heads up’ to Madrelingua students. Free ebook offer!

(Apologies to those of you that also frequent as you will have already heard this!)

This week there’s a free e-book parallel text offer in the Learn Italian section over at

The free title (usual price £7.99) is called Colpo di forbici.

The level is ‘A1- Elementary’ but this material would make useful practice wherever you’ve reached with your Italian.

The e-book is structured as a parallel text, which means Italian chapters alternating with English translations, so that you can compare the two versions.

To get it, go here, click ‘Add to cart’ and complete the order form – shortly after, you’ll get an email containing the download link.

Just to be clear – no payment is required.

Nor do you need to enter your credit card details, or anything like that.

The free ebook offer ends on Sunday, so here’s that link again.

Or, for more information, see the articles from Monday and Wednesday this week:

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