How much is the Italian course? (And how to save 15%)

“How much is the course?”

A natural question, though like most Italian schools, we publish our prices on the website for everyone to see.

The answer?

It depends on the type and length of the course you choose.

First of all, group classes are much better value than individual courses, as you’ll be sharing the cost of the teacher with others.

A one-hour individual lesson costs €37. A one-week group course costs €238. The group course is 20 hours, so that’s €11.19 an hour instead of more than three times that. There are discounts too, but more on them later..

That said, individual lessons are ideal if you need to control when and what you study, or if your company is paying!

However, if you don’t have specific needs, choose the group course. It’s more fun, too, as you’ll make new friends.

Group course / individual course decision resolved, next you need to consider the effect of signing up for more hours or weeks and so reducing the price you’ll pay.

Twenty hours of individual lessons, for example, can be had for €660.

That’s €33 an hour, rather than the €37 you’d pay if you bought just the one.

The discounts are limited with individual lessons, as the teacher cost per hour is fixed for the school.

With group courses, though, the school’s interest is to maintain viable classes for as much of the year as possible. Hence, the longer you study, the cheaper it gets!

For example, the one-week standard group course costs €238, whereas the four-week price is just €798. That’s €199.50 a week – a 16% discount!

Opt for an even longer stay and the price really falls…

Twenty-four weeks (approximately six months) would set you back €3773, which seems a lot but is just €157 a week.

That’s a 34% saving each week, compared to the standard one week course! And in those 24 weeks you could go from zero to an advanced level in Italian.

But I mentioned discounts…

Sign up for our mailing list (there’s a form on the prices page) and we’ll send you a 15% discount voucher, which is good for any GROUP course, of any length.

With -15% coupon code, you’d pay just €202.30 for a week, instead of €238.

And the four-week option would be a modest €678.30, instead of the €798 quoted on our prices page.

And so on. Go here to do your own calculations.

(Don’t forget to save 15% by signing up for the mailing list!)

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