How To Take One-To-One Italian Lessons Online

This is going to be a short article as taking one-to-one Italian lessons via Skype with one of our regular teachers is actually very simple! Follow these steps to get started learning Italian online:Italian lessons online

1. You need a broadband Internet connection. It should be good enough that you could, for example, listen to music or watch a video without irritating interruptions. If you can do those things, you’ll likely be fine with online classes.

2. Next you need Skype on your computer or tablet, plus a working microphone and audio. If you’ve ever made a Skype video call, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, find a child and ask them to show you. Skype is easy and free to download and install. Most computers have it already, but if yours doesn’t, go here to download a copy:

3. Finally you need to treat yourself to one or more online lesson credits from our shop. If you just want to see what studying Italian online is like, start with just one (that’s fine!) But if you’re fairly sure that this type of teaching offers the flexibility and support you need, then go for five, ten or twenty credits and so save money on each lesson.

4. When your payment has been processed, our Stefania will be in touch to find out what your needs are, and what day/time would be be best for your lesson. She’ll choose you a suitable teacher and put the two of you in touch.

That’s it! You exchange Skype names with the teacher, agree a day/time for the lesson, and you’re good to go. After the first lesson you can organize the next one directly with the teacher (in Italian, of course!)

Lessons last sixty minutes. Lesson content is flexible, according to your needs and preferences. You could study grammar, practice speaking, follow a course book, or any combination of these things.

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