Hurrah! CILS exam time is coming!

Remember exams at school?

Probably most of your fellow pupils claimed to be dreading the end of year exams. Certainly that was the attitude at the school I went to.

But then… for those of us willing to prepare, exam time enlivened a dull routine with the thrill of success and achievement!

And as it was at school so many years ago, so it is with learning Italian.

Signing yourself up now for one of the six levels of CILS Italian language exams in June is a bit like agreeing to take part in a marathon some months hence.

You can’t just go and DO the marathon on the day. No, you’re going to have to train, which of course is the point.

By training regularly in the time between now and June, you’ll shed a few pounds, get fitter and have more self-respect.

Ditto for your Italian language exam. It doesn’t have to be a marathon:¬†choose as your goal a level you’re comfortable with, anything from A1 (the easiest) to C2 (the most difficult).

But once you’ve decided, you’ll have a real goal, which will make organising your studies and motivating yourself so much easier.

Plus you’ll be able to look foward to the moment you get your results!

Just remember, it’s not cool to brag in front of the other kids…


The next session of CILS exams at our Italian language school in Bologna is on June 11th 2015.

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