Is there something spooky about CILS Italian language exams?

If you’re living in Italy or learning Italian, one word you simply must know is ‘proroga‘.


Well, when for example the Italian government sets a deadline for, say, tax returns, or introduces a new ‘simplified’ system for doing this or that, the result tends to be confusion and delay.

Lobby groups get to work pointing out that more time is needed. No WAY will Joe Public be able to file by then…

And so, as if this had never happened before and couldn’t possibly have been predicted, a ‘proroga’ is announced. No need to pay your taxes just yet. You now have until…

Anyway, the deadline for enrolling for a CILS Italian language exam was yesterday (24th October).

But then, yesterday, an e-mail arrived from the organisers announcing a ‘proroga’ (extension).

Obviously, this plays hell with our marketing.

But it does mean that if you’re interested in certifying your knowledge of Italian, but hadn’t gotten around to organising a trip to Bologna in December, you now have seven more days.

So, make a note on your To-Do list:

– the new latest enrollment date for the December CILS exams is now 31st October!

There’s something spooky about that, isn’t there?

(For more information on adding an Italian language qualification to your resume, go here. Sign up in person at our Italian language school in Bologna, or do it online in our ‘shop‘.)


A second proroga is extremely rare, so act now!


  1. Ha ha….typical and funny