Italian Evening Classes in Bologna, Anyone?

OK, you’re probably nowhere near Bologna, Italy as you read this.

But just in case, did you know that as well as running intensive Italian courses throughout the year, Madrelingua also offers Italian evening classes?

The evening classes are two nights a week, each for three hours. They’re designed for people who are working or studying in our city, need to learn Italian, but aren’t free during the day.

We organise evening class modules which are three weeks long (18 hours of classes.) That’s more or less equivalent to a one-week intensive course.

With four evening class modules, lasting twelve weeks, you’d improve your Italian an entire level!

Evening classes start soon, on Feb 15th 2016 (details here.)

Or for those with more free time, the same progress could be made on a regular course (20 hours per week in the mornings) in just four weeks.

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