Italian evening classes – start date postponed for a week!

Just a quick ‘avviso’ for anyone working or studying in the Bologna area who needs to take Italian evening classes over the next few months.

Our evening courses (two three-hour lessons per week from 6 to 9 pm) were due to begin on Monday next week, but Francesca and I met yesterday and decided to put back the start date by a week to allow more time for testing and enrollment.

Evening class info. including costs and the new start date is here. To sign up, drop by the school. Details of how to find us and the reception opening hours are here.

But what about those of you who may be a very long way from our city, but are still itching to improve your Italian?

Well, two possibilities come to mind.

You could, for example, plan to visit us in the spring or the summer and take an Italian course of whatever length best suits you, from a week to a year! Find out more about Italian Courses in Bologna.

And/or, especially if getting away is not an option, why not think about taking individual Italian lessons via Skype with one of our regular Italian teachers? Details of online Italian lessons.

Coming soon…

If you’d like to certify your knowledge of the Italian language, the next session of CILS, Italian language exams organised by the University of Siena, is on June 9th 2016. If you’d like to take the exam at our school in Bologna, enrollments are already open. Exam fees can be paid though our online shop.

I’ll be writing more about CILS exams over the next month or two, as the enrollment deadline approaches.

Alla prossima volta!


Besides running a language school, we also offer lots of free materials for learning Italian online. Have you seen, for example, It has literally thousands of pages of free exercises for you to do.

For beginners, there’s also our new project, which combines 10 pages of grammar explanations with 10 interactive exercises, 10 dialogues, 10 listening practice texts (with transcripts) and 10 vocabulary lists. That’s a total of fifty pages of study for you, absolutely free! (50 pages of material for beginners, or near beginners) (1000s of pages, for everyone!)