I’ve got CILS, they’re multiplying…

No, not ‘chills’ as in the song made famous by the 1978 romantic comedy Grease.

CILS as in the University of Siena’s Italian language exams ‘Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera’.

So if this is the year you plan to get your Italian language skills certified, enrollments are now open for the next CILS exam session on December 3rd 2015.

A CILS certificate would look great on anyone’s resume, and is accepted by Italian universities and other institutions as proof of your level in Italian.

But even if you don’t need an Italian certification for work or study, the discipline of preparing for a language exam can be very motivating.

What’s more, taking and passing an internationally-recognized qualification is a great way to measure your progress with Italian.

For more information about taking a CILS exam at Madrelingua in Bologna click here.

And even if you’re not actually in Bologna, it’s possible to enroll for CILS in our online shop, with payments via Paypal or bank transfer.

The deadline for enrollments is 23rd October.

What about those of you who are not interested in taking an Italian language exam?

We’ve got that covered too! Check out the other types of Italian course we offer.

You can choose between standard, intensive or personalized courses.

We also offer Italian evening classes and even Italian lessons online!

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