Just how intensive IS an intensive Italian course in Bologna?

Intensive Italian courses in Bologna, ItalyIf you have a job, a family, well let’s say a life, you may not be able to take much time out of it to learn Italian in Bologna.

In which case, you’ll want to absorb as much Italian as you can while you’re here.

The solution? An intensive Italian course!

But just how intensive IS an intensive Italian course in Bologna? Might it be, well, too much?

20 or 30 hours of Italian lessons a week?

In part, how “heavy” you’ll find it your Italian course will depend on which option your choose.

Madrelingua, like many Italian language schools, offers you the choice of studying only in the mornings (leaving the afternoons free for sightseeing, socializing, private study, or just hanging out.

Or of maximising your time in the classroom by taking Italian lessons in the afternoons too.

Find out more about these two options here:

20-hour-a-week Italian course
30-hour-a-week Italian course

Another possibility is to choose the standard (20-hour) Italian course, then add some individual Italian lessons (say, if you feel the need for more support.)

Individual lessons can be completely personalised to your needs. You might decide to do just conversation, for example.

Or you could book some individual classes to work with your Italian teacher on areas of grammar or vocabulary which interest you, but which may not be covered during your time at our school.

Some people like to use individual lessons to go out with the teacher on visits (museums, walking tours, and so on), or for an ice-cream, or for lunch.

Individual Italian lessons allow you to personalize your learning situation, according to your needs.

What will your bank manager say?

You’ll find the prices of both group options and individual classes on this page: prices of Italian courses in Bologna.

Which should you choose?

Madrelingua recommends the standard Italian course (morning classes only.)


Because included in the price is the option to spend time in the afternoons with our tutor (not a teacher, usually a university student gaining the necessary work experience before training as an Italian teacher…)

She’ll help you with your homework, chat to you in Italian, go over areas of grammar that you feel you need more help with, whatever you need.

Just pop into our library/study center in the afternoons and ask for the help you need.

You may find other students there too, or it may be just you, so there’s the possibility of getting personalized help.

Another advantage of going for the less-intensive 20-hour a week Italian course is that you’re free to go on trips, enjoy extended lunches with your classmates, or just go home and chill out (if your head’s spinning from all the new things you’ve learnt!)


20 hours of Italian lessons a week is enough for most people, and can anyway be supplemented in various ways.

But if you’re in a hurry to learn as much as possible before heading back to “real-life” the 30-hour intensive Italian course is an option you might want to consider.

Need help?

Write us an email, or fill in the contact form. Tell us what your needs and preferences are. We’ll be happy to advise you!


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