Last Few Hours To Save 20% On Your 2016 Italian Course

I hope you’ve had (or are having, depending on your time zone) an enjoyable Christmas Day.

This is the final message about our ‘Save 20%’ promotion, which ends in just a few hours.

So I’ll be brief (and thanks so much for your patience this far).

If you haven’t already done so, you still can make a big saving on your 2016 Italian course by paying a small deposit.

You don’t even need to tell us when you’ll be coming – just pay the deposit NOW, THIS EVENING, to lock in your discount.

You can let us know the dates you want to study later, when you’ve made your plans.

The ‘Save 20%’ offer ends at midnight tonight (Dec. 25th).

Last chance… Final reminder!

Click here to pay your deposit and so save 20% on your next Italian course, which can be of any length.

For more information, read the articles here and here.

Or contact Stefi, who’ll be going to bed soon but still has time to answer your questions first.

(Here’s that link again!)