Madrelingua Now On Tripadvisor – So Tell Us What You Think!!

Have you studied Italian at Madrelingua at any point since 2006??

Well now, we’re finally on Tripadvisor, the famous travel and hotel reviews site!

And we need your help…

As you’ll probably be aware, the Tripadvisor site helps people plan their journeys and vacations by collecting reviews from travelers who have used the featured hotel, restaurant (or language school in this case) before.

Potential future clients can read the reviews and make their plans based on the comments and ratings left by others.

It takes just a minute or two to leave a review, and of course you can be completely honest.

Read what people have written about Madrelingua in the week or so we’ve been featured on the site here.

And if the answer to my first question (Have you studied Italian at Madrelingua at any point since 2006??) was ‘yes’, we’d really appreciate it if you would add your comments.

To do that, click the green ‘Write a review’ button on the Tripadvisor ‘Madrelingua’ page.

Or fill in this form.

For more information about learning Italian in Bologna, visit our website or simply reply to this e-mail with your question!

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