Our best articles about learning Italian – now in one place!

We’ve been publishing articles about learning Italian on the Madrelingua website for around three years now.

Before that there was an older site, now defunct, which we began way back in 2006 and which was killed off by one of Google’s many algorithm updates.

Over the years, I’ve always tried to write articles I think will be helpful to people who are unsure how to proceed, in particular with regard to choosing Italian courses in Italy and understanding how best to approach the learning process.

It’s fun to do, especially as I work at a language school and have tried to learn Italian myself over the years.

But thinking up new topics CAN be trying, which is why I’ve been attempting to work out what subjects I haven’t already covered in previous years.

I spent the best part of this morning (Italian time) reading back through three years’ worth of articles, hoping to identify any gaps.

The reason being, of course, our current promotion, which started yesterday (an unbeatable 20% discount on 2016 group Italian courses – details here.)

Anyway, while I was reading, the idea came to me: why not collect links to the most popular and helpful articles on one page, so that anyone interested can browse them?

So that’s today sorted: here are the Best ‘Learning Italian’ Articles from our archive, all linked to from one place, so that they’re easy to browse through.

Click here.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the details of our Best Offer On 2016 Italian Courses. The deadline is 25th December, but people are already taking advantage of the discount.

Tomorrow I’ll be asking you to help me with our new FAQ. Is there anything ELSE you need to know about learning Italian in Italy?

If any questions occur to you, do me a favor and note them down, will you? That way I can answer them and also add them to the FAQ for everyone to see.

Or you could contact Stefania directly. She’s always happy to help and will answer emails 24/7 (or almost.)

A domani!


  1. I am wondering if you need help reading through articles and coming up with new topics?