Starting soon: Italian evening classes in Bologna!

It’s that time of year again.

August’s sticky weather and deserted streets are gone. Now the sidewalks are crowded, and with the milder September climate there’s barely a place to be found at the tables outside bars and restaurants.

Besides being a popular tourist destination, Bologna is home to Europe’s oldest university. With its traditions and vibrant social life, it’s a magnet both for Italian students and for young people from all over the world.

The European Union’s Erasmus program encourages the continent’s youth to spend time in another member state as an exchange student. Needless to say, Italy is one of the most popular choices, and Bologna one of Italy’s premier destinations. So in September young people arrive here in droves, though often without knowing a word of Italian!

Bologna is also ‘capoluogo’ of the Emilia-Romagna region, and as such attracts many a foreign specialist to work in its companies and factories. They bring with them their expertise and skills, but are often only able to communicate with fellow workers in English, which not all Italians know well…

Hence the timing of our evening Italian classes! They’re aimed specifically at students and workers, and run at up to five different levels, two evenings a week, between the end of September and Christmas (and then again from January until the beginning of the summer.)

Italian evening classes are the ideal solution for anyone who finds themselves in Bologna and needs to brush up on their foreign language skills, while leaving the days free for work or for lessons at the university.

The classes are organized in three week modules. That’s two lessons of three hours each week, eighteen hours in total, that being equivalent to approximately a week of studying full-time.

With four modules you could improve an entire level, and over an academic year complete two, or even three levels (similar to studying four, eight or twelve weeks full-time.)

Italian evening classes are also a great way to meet people, especially when you first arrive and don’t know anyone. As Italian is the ‘lingua franca’ of our classes, you’ll get used to using it to communicate.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll stay in touch with the friends you make in your Italian class, and so continue practising the language with them long after your course is over!

Follow this link to find out more about Italian evening classes in Bologna.

Or, if you’re not able to work or study here, visit our Italian courses page to find out about studying Italian full-time or taking online Italian lessons from your home or office.

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