Starts today: save 20% on group Italian courses in Bologna!

The ‘best offer of the year‘ on group Italian courses at our school in Bologna begins today.

What this means:

  • you save 20% on the price of any group Italian course in 2015
  • the saving is good for courses of any length (the longer you study, the more you save)
  • start your course on any date in 2015 (you don’t even have to tell us now when you plan to study)

Summary: you pay just €120 deposit now to make big savings on your 2015 Italian course!

Click here to lock in your 20% discount while the offer lasts.

You too could learn Italian in Bologna, Italy in 2015!

Want to speak and understand Italian better?

Each year hundreds of people from all over the world take courses at our Italian language school in the historic center of Bologna.

Many of them are so satisfied at their progress that they return again and again! (See testimonials.)

2015 could be the year you join them.

Make it the year you really begin to speak and understand Italian!

OK, here’s where you can find the information you’ll need to choose and book your Italian course:

Act now: the ‘best offer of the year’ ends on 25th December!

The ‘save 20%’ offer is valid only until Christmas day.

That’s just 10 days.

And the offer won’t be repeated for an entire year – if at all.

So you’d be well advised to pay your special -20% course deposit now, before the preparations for Christmas get too hectic!

Take a few minutes today to lock in your 20% saving. Go here.

Pay the (€120 not €150) course deposit so we know you’re entitled to 20% off whenever you choose to study in 2015.

Save 20% on 2015 Italian courses


  1. Good evening Daniel, If I book for my husband and I , do you need a deposit per person or per booking?