Still interested in learning Italian? Three options for you.

This is a list-clearing exercise, as we’re just about to start a major promotion on Italian courses at our school in Bologna, Italy.

Whether you’re interested in learning Italian or not, we want to make it easy for you to choose to stay on our list, or to get right off it and so receive fewer emails.

So we’ve laid out three options for you to pick from.

Option 1: “I don’t want to learn Italian”

If you’re not interested in learning Italian at all, you’d probably prefer not to have received this information.

Fair enough. Let’s see that it doesn’t happen again.

At the top or bottom of this text, depending on which of our systems sends it, you should see an ‘unsubscribe’ link. Click it and follow the simple instructions to remove your details from our mailing list.

Sorry to have troubled you. You won’t be contacted again (unless you’re on both of our lists, in which case just repeat the process.)

Option 2: “I might be interested in courses at your school”


And we have a major offer coming up next week, the biggest discount of the year! Stay on the list to get details hot off the press, straight to your in-box. That’ll be on Monday next week, once we’ve finished the ‘list-clearing’.

In the meantime, check out our new FAQ, which contains everything you ever wanted to know about Italian courses at Madrelingua.

Option 3: “I study Italian, but won’t be coming to your school”

Thank you for your honesty.

We’d still suggest you click the ‘unsubscribe’ link, as most of the content sent to this list won’t be relevant to you, and we don’t want to spam anyone.

But if you’re still interested in learning Italian, why not check out these FREE resources?


So, ‘addio‘ to you Option 1 people. No hard feelings we hope. Enjoy your emptier in-boxes.

Instead, we’ll say ‘a presto‘ to you Option 2’s. Thanks for staying on our list for news of the up-coming offer (and don’t forget to check out our FAQ!)

We hope ‘arrivederci‘ might be appropriate for those of you who still want to learn Italian but not at our school. Hope to see you over at the other place!


  1. I think the time between Thanksgiving and the Christmas season is a good time to say a big ThankYou to all the folks at OneLineItalianClub for what a great service you are providing…and is such a competent but informal format. So a big THANK YOU!!
    Also, may I recommend an article in New Yorker Mag by Lahiri (forgot her first name) called something like How To Learn Italian, or something like that. The absolute best description of what it means to learn a foreign language, in her case, Italian.

  2. Gerri Savage says:

    I seem to be on 2 mailing lists, so am unsubscribing from this one. I won’t be back in 2016, but hope to return in 2017.