That’s intensive enough, thank you very much!

We get a lot of visits to our site, and enquires, from people looking for ‘Intensive Italian courses’.

Well, if you insist….

Intensive Italian courses in Bologna

To quote from my own copy, it’s “the best choice for those who want to learn to speak and understand Italian as quickly as possible!”

But is it really?

In actual fact, we tend to advise people to avoid the more intensive option, and go for the ‘standard’ Italian course, despite it’s un-motivating name…

First, because this is probably what they were looking for anyway.

For most people, 4 hours of lessons each morning, for at least a week, is quite intensive enough, thank you very much.

Plus, if you’re really keen, there’s a tutor available each afternoon in the library (Monday to Thursday – on Fridays, people are packing, or resting…)

The tutor will help you with your homework, chat to you in Italian, or go through anything you feel you need extra help with.

And it’s included in the ‘standard’ course price, so there’s no reason at all that you HAVE to stop studying, just because your morning lesson is over for the day.

Plus, there are the social events – perhaps today you’ll be off for a drink with other students from the school (to practice your Italian, of course!)

Or maybe it’ll be a visit to a museum, or a cooking lesson, or a walk in the hills over-looking the city.

The point being that ‘intensive Italian courses’ don’t need to be more expensive and totally exhausting.

You can have a great time AND maximise your learning by making friends and taking advantage of every opportunity the school offers.

It’s your call: twenty hours of lessons (plus the tutor, social events and so on), or thirty hours, and collapse exhausted into bed afterwards.

Compare prices here: Italian course prices


Don’t forget the 2014 Summer Offer, which ends at midnight this Saturday (31st May – just 6 days to go!)

Enrol for any group Italian course beginning in June, July, August or September 2014 and you’ll get a special bonus (as WELL as other discounts you may come across if you look carefully at our website…)

Oh, and if you haven’t been reading your e-mails lately, you may not have seen this:

Don’t miss Bologna’s ‘hot season of culture’ this summer!


Contact Stefania for more information about Italian courses in Bologna.

(Don’t forget, the 2014 Summer Offer ends in just 6 days!)



  1. Gerri Savage says:

    Couldn’t agree more – did a more intensive course (not at Madrelingua) a few years ago and was so exhausted, I became quite discouraged because my brain was overtaxed. The standard course is great (especially if you take advantage of the extra practice time). Returning for 6 weeks in September (yay) and looking forward to both the structured and casual learning experience.

    • How kind of you to leave a comment, Gerri! Thank you. We look forward to seeing you in September.

  2. Ricardo Botti says:

    In a nutshell, less is more.

    As a student in Madrelingua, the extras are so helpful and fun that you really learn a lot of italian by being around the culture.
    You get the more structured knowledge in the morning, then head to the library to practice, ask questions, chat with other students. Free to roam around in the language you’re studying. THAT and the sightseeing tours, aperitivos, cooking classes, make you understand italian in context. An invaluable experience I hope to repeat. A model of teaching more schools should have around the world.

    • Hi Ricardo!
      Good to hear from you again.
      Thanks for taking the time to share your impressions of our school. We really appreciate it.