What’s the average age of people learning Italian at your school?

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Would you feel awkard studying Italian in a class full of people who are much younger than you are?

Or perhaps you ARE one of those much younger people, and would hate the idea of being stuck with a bunch of retired folk?

Maybe that’s why “What’s the average age of people learning Italian at your school?” is a question we get asked rather often.


Sorry, we don’t know old our average student is…

It sounds rather evasive, but it’s true. We don’t know the average age of our Italian students.


Well, because we’ve never worked it out. It’s not really relevant.

Some Italian language schools target the ‘Club 18-30’ market – young people looking for a good time, with maybe some Italian lessons thrown in.

Often they’ll have a regular deal with certain US universities, and host large groups of young English-speakers.

That could be fun, if you’re looking to party!

But if so, better not choose Madrelingua, because that’s not what we do.

More like ‘Club 18-80’

Equally, we don’t specifically try to attract older people, say by offering the sort of ‘Italian+Opera’ or ‘Italian+Cooking’ courses which you can read about on the Internet.

We figure that if you want to learn to cook, you should learn Italian first, then go find a good cookery school…

As we only employ professional Italian language teachers – no cooks or opera singers – we prefer to focus on teaching Italian.

Which means our typical clients are people whose priority is to speak and understand the language better.

And there are people like that at almost every age.

I suppose you could say that that makes Madrelingua more of a ‘Club 18-80’!

Italian language courses that really work

Students and pensioners choose to study Italian at our school because they’ve heard our courses are effective.

So do lawyers, priests, doctors, business people, housewives, and the occasional actor, politician or diplomat.

And while we can’t promise that you’ll be in a class with other people of a similar age, at least you’ll know that your fellow students are serious about learning Italian!

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  1. Bruce Benson says:

    Questo è assolutamente vero. Gi studenti sono qui per imparare l’italiano prima. Ma anche sapere come avere un buon tempo.

  2. Marcia Baioley says:

    I am fast approaching your upper age range and am loving my Madrelingua experience. There seems to be no resitance to those of us who are more seasoned. I felt welcomed by all the minute I arrived.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Marcia! We appreciate your kind comments. And, of course, we’re pleased that you feel at home in our school…