What’s the ideal length for an Italian course? (And how much will it cost?)

There is no ideal length for an Italian course.

The longer you study, the more you’ll learn, obviously.

You could go from zero to advanced in around six months, which is a pretty long language course (though less expensive than you might imagine.)

But most people will start with a week or two, to see if they like it.

Very wise.

Language learning isn’t for everyone. It requires a certain attitude, some motivation.

It’s not a bad idea to start with a short course to see how it works for you, whether you like the school and the teachers, and so on.

There’s no rush, is there?

Assuming that you find your Italian course in Bologna enjoyable and productive, there’s nothing to stop you from coming back for an extended period in the future.

Three weeks is a nice length of course – long enough to settle in and make some serious progress.

But not so long that your partner and your boss will forget who you are.

That said, in four weeks, you could complete a level, which is satisfying.

What about the cost, though?

Check out the prices page of any Italian school website and you’ll see how the cost per week falls dramatically for longer courses.

The marketing costs are the same to attract a student for a short course as for a longer course. So prices per week are far lower for longer periods.

Accommodation prices don’t fall for longer periods though, unless you’re prepared to go out and find yourself student digs…

A homestay (a room with an Italian host) organised by the school costs €120 a week and covers a single room and the use of the kitchen.

Multiply that by the number of weeks you plan to stay in Bologna.

It should come to less than €20 per day, which won’t break the bank for most people.

So a four-week Italian course will cost you €480 for your room and €798 for tuition.

That’s €1278.

But with the current -20% offer, you’ll save around €160 and so pay just over €1100.

Naturally, you’ll need to add the cost of travelling to Bologna, and a budget for food and entertainment. How much you set aside for that will depend on where you live and what your tastes are.

But the whole package – four weeks in Bologna, Italy, and an improvement of around a level in your Italian, looks pretty good value compared to a more traditional beach vacation.

A month in Italy + professional language training = an unforgettable experience, and an excellent investment in your education!

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