When’s the best time of year to visit Bologna?

Why vist Bologna in March?

Why vist Bologna in March?

Well, anytime really.

There’s always lots to see and do.

Such as taking in the current ‘Girl with a pearl earring’ exhibition (see the special offer which ends this Friday).

However, we admit that Bologna doesn’t have the greatest climate in Italy (nowhere on the ‘pianura padana’ does…)

It can be uncomfortably hot and humid in July and August, and rather cold and humid during the winter.

So, if you’re planning on booking an Italian course, check out this page, which gives details of average minimum and maximum temperatures each month.

The words you need to understand the chart are:

  • Mese (month)
  • T min (minimum temperature)
  • T max (can you guess?)
  • Precip. (rain, snow and so on)
  • Umidità (another easy one)
  • Vento (wind)

And of course ‘Eliofania’  (completely new to me: I had to google it), which means ‘no. of hours of sunshine’.

Well, of course it does.

So, according to the chart, March in Bologna will see average maximum temperatures of 13°C, around 60 mm (3 inches) of rain, 70 % humidity, 5 hours of sunshine a day, and winds from east-north-east of around 5 knots.

Which is why we’re trying to bribe you with a free ticket to the hottest show in town


P.S. For those of you who live in the UK, the three inches of rain is per month, not per day like at home. Just to be clear…