Why so many articles from Madrelingua at the moment?

Ciao, e auguri di Buon Natale!

I’m Daniel, director at Madrelingua Italian School in Bologna.

For a week or more, I’ve been posting daily articles about our 20% discount offer.

You’ve probably noticed.

Articles published on our site are automatically sent out to our mailing list, which some of you have chosen to be on.

But I also manually send them to a separate list of the email addresses of everyone who has studied at our Italian school or who has asked for information about our Italian courses.

If your email is in both of these databases, you might even be getting each email twice. (Sorry about that!)

We assume that people who ask for information about Italian courses, or take an Italian course at our school, are interested in offers for Italian courses.

Logical, right?

But if that’s not the case, I encourage you to click the ‘unsubscribe link’.

That’s an automatic piece of code, which can always be found either at the top or bottom of every email and which will take you to a page where you can ensure your details are deleted.

It’s a simple process, so why not give it a try?

Click the link and follow the simple instructions, which will ensure your email address is permanently removed from the database.

That said… if you ARE interested in taking an Italian course at our school, be aware that the 20% discount offer ends at midnight on Christmas Day.

That’s tomorrow.

And it’s the best offer of our 12-month marketing cycle, so won’t be repeated until NEXT Christmas…

Statistics show that people leave things to the last minute (which is why there’ll be a ‘final reminder’ tomorrow.)

Don’t be one of them.

Snap up your 20% discount today, before you’re distracted by the turkey or nut roast.

The offer is good for any length of group Italian course (not individual lessons), starting at any time in 2015.

You don’t even have to decide the dates now – just let us know when you know.

How not to miss this?

Pay a small deposit today, to save a FIFTH on the cost of your 2015 Italian course.

Click here for details.

Then go here to pay your deposit.

(Or look for the unsubscribe link at the top or bottom of this email. It’s probably in the small print. Click it and I won’t be bothering you next Christmas…)


  1. Buon Natale e felice Anno Nuovo a tutti