Will drinking Italian wine really help me learn the language?

Can wine really help me learn Italian?

Well of course it will.

And especially if you drink it in Italy, where you’ll be able to practice speaking and understanding Italian at the same time.

Here are a few of the ways that ‘il vino’ can give your Italian a boost:

  1. While you’re in Bologna studying Italian, attend a wine-tasting. It’s great listening practice, for a start. Plus you might make new friends who you can speak Italian with!
  2. There’s lot to learn about wine. Visit wine cellars and restaurants, read books and websites: you’ll also be improving your Italian at the same time…
  3. When eating out, or ordering an aperitivo, you’ll have a ready topic of conversation. Quiz the wine-waiter or barman about the selection of wines available. In Italian, of course!
  4. In vino veritas! After a glass or two, you’ll be less inhibited, and so will speak and understand Italian better. It’s a famous effect!

Just don’t overdo it!

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  1. Hi Daniel

    Some resources people might find useful if they want to combine learning Italian with a bit of ‘turismo enogastronomico’.

    The strade dei vini e sapori in Emilia-Romagna. Scenic routes links vineyards, farms and agriturismi. You’ll need a car (or a bicycle).


    ‘Cantine aperte’ (vineyards/wineries you can visit) in Emilia-Romagna.


    Best beginners intro to Italian wine that I’ve seen – sadly I’ve not found an equivalent in Italian. There are other good articles on the site.


    Italian wikipedia is good but the amount of material can be a bit overwhelming.

    RAI Due’s Decanter food programme has a series of podcasts about wine. It’s fun, and very informal, but the speakers go at tutta birra if you’ll excuse the pun. You can also download the podcast from the RAI website, but I’ve mislaid the link. (Decanter generally is worth a listen if you’re a foodie or a winie.


    • Excellent contribution, Andy! Thanks.
      I’ll take a careful look at some of those resources during the holidays…

  2. Drinking wine or not to study italian in Bologna is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!