12 ways a professional Italian language school will help you learn

Unless you live a long way from anywhere, it’s not usually hard to find an Italian language course.

Maybe a nearby community college or adult education center offers them. Or you could probably find an Italian tutor on Craigslist, or look for a summer school at your local university.

Any or all of those options could work out just fine for you.

But why take a chance?

If you want to be sure to invest your time and money wisely…

12 reasons to choose a professional Italian language school

Any organisation can find a teacher and organise a course, but it takes a professional Italian language school to ensure that:

  1. You’ll be treated like an adult, with unique needs and preferences
  2. The teacher(s) will help you develop the skills and habits you need to learn Italian
  3. You’ll be given every opportunity to speak Italian in class
  4. You’ll be encouraged to learn about Italian life and culture
  5. The school will arrange your accommodation
  6. There’ll be flexibility in course length and start dates
  7. The teachers will have the right qualifications and experience to ensure your success
  8. There’ll be social events at which you can speak Italian and make new friends
  9. Homework/self-study opportunities will be provided (for those who want them)
  10. Lessons will be planned according to a syllabus which combines new language and the chance to practice
  11. You’ll be taught in a class with other students at the same level
  12. You can take follow up lessons via the Internet with your favorite teachers once you return home

Have your say!

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ll have taken an Italian course at some point in the past (or would like to do one in the future.)

So what aspects of a language course are most important for you?

And do you agree that finding the right Italian course can be a bit of a gamble?

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Watch out for the ‘2014 Summer Offer’, details of which will be out very soon!

For the last couple of weeks of May, anyone booking an Italian course in Bologna to begin during July, August or September 2014 will be entitled to a special extra benefit!


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  1. That’s all true about these ways explained. I myself is taking italian classes and in italy itself. I feel so proud i came a long way in 3 months

  2. Marcia Bailey says:

    I have tried all of the above ways to learn Italian and can vouch for the fact that Daniel is spot on. I loved my month at Madrelingua and I know I have come a long way. Thanks to all who helped me along.

    • That’s great, Marcia! Thanks for the feedback, and for taking the trouble to leave a comment. We appreciate it!

  3. Ann-Margrete Smee says:

    All your twelve points sound just right and very well thought through, covering all aspects towards efficiently learning a foreign language! Well done! So looking forward to coming in July!

    • We look forward to meeting you, Ann-Margrete! And thanks for taking the time to comment.