Dinner invitation for this evening

This is possibly the weirdest thing I’ve ever done, inviting total strangers to dinner.

Let me explain.

You know how teenagers are? Competing friendships, ever-changing plans, group dynamics, that sort of thing?

Well, I was supposed to be cooking for my eldest daughter’s friends this evening. But now it’s just “friend”.

The fish was already defrosting. And I got a bit carried away at the supermarket and came home with vegetables for at least eight.

We’re six.

Seems a shame really, but who accepts dinner invitations for Saturday night on Saturday afternoon?

Certainly no one we know.

So, just on the off-chance, if you happen to be in Bologna this evening (Saturday 16th November), and don’t have anything better to do…

Well, consider yourself invited.

Fish, vegetables, bread. Glass of wine. Practice your Italian, or English, whichever.

Bring a bottle if you like. Or some ice-cream. That’s very Italian. But not obligatory.

Who’ll be there? Me, my wife, three kids, eldest daughter’s friend, maybe you.

Who is this for?

Anyone who can make it and wants to. Former or future client? Competitor? Just someone hungry or lonely? What the hell!

We’ll eat at 19.30-ish. If you can, come earlier for snacks and beer, anytime from 18.00.

E-mail me if you wanna eat (and drink), and to get the address.

I’m not expecting a rush (people are busy, and suspicious), but in the unlikely event that it’s not just you, it’ll be first come first served.

Or least-weird sounding respondent first, maybe.


P.S. Got a question? Leave a comment.

P.P.S. We’re a short bus ride out of time. It’ll cost you €1,5 each way. Easy as pie.


  1. John Thomson says:

    now this type of interaction is what forums should be all about, I appreciate it is through the good grace of MadreLingua but it is great to take part,

    Also it reinforces, in my mind, the Italian love of food. If anyone is interested in a recipe for banana bread, it uses crushed walnuts and chopped dates, I would be happy to post it.

    John Thomson

  2. Dianne Price says:

    Like everyone else, I would have loved to share an evening with you. I have only just read your invitation, having been away for the weekend. What a pity !!
    I plan to be in Bologna early June 2014 and am looking forward to meeting you Daniel.

    • And I to meeting you, Dianne. Perhaps we’ll organize another dinner then…

      • Wow, an amazing idea! If it had been a few weeks ago when I was at Madrelingua…….But never mind, I’m glad you had a great night!

        I had a great time at Madrelingua, incidentally!

  3. Last friday my husband cooked for 4 and we are only two. No children around as usual, so he invited our neighbours, at 17.45. They left at 23.30 We had a wonderfull night.
    I saw your invitation a bit too late, but… If we hadn’t been in Amsterdam but in Bologna…
    I would have spoken Italian for hours! And enjoyed it. Thanks for the invitation.

    • Ciao Tilly,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. Funny, isn’t it, how impromptu events can sometimes work better than the ones we plan….
      You and your husband would have been very welcome, though. But yes, Amsterdam is still too far to come just for dinner.
      Perhaps next time you’re in Italy…

  4. Paula Reynolds says:

    You. Are. Awesome!
    Spero che tutto era molto buono e molto divertente!

    • Thanks Paula! Yes, we are awesome (but now a little hung-over…)
      It was fun. We had three guests, 1 German, 1 American, 1 British.
      For a crazy idea, it worked well. Maybe next time, you’ll come too!

  5. Marcia Bailey says:

    Molto grazie. The invitation is very tempting but like the others a bit far for me. I will, God willing, be there to study in February. I will be registering this coming week.

  6. John Thomson says:

    Che tipo di pesce, posso sempre sognare

    buon appetito


    • Nothing special, John. Pollock. Cut into bite size chunks and fried in batter. Served with vegetables cooked on the teriyaki. And a bottle of verdicchio. Bread too.
      What are you having??

      • John Thomson says:

        Antipasto – anguira da Marks and Spencer, molto molto dolce,
        Secondo – pollo arrabbiata, che ho fatto io, con abbastanza peperroncino
        Dolce pane di banana fatto a casa da Jennifer mia moglie, ottimo con mascarpone
        mi ho quasi dimentico
        Bellini da Asda per un aperitivo



  7. What a lovely idea! Wish I could join, but it’s too far from Brussels.
    Thanks anyway, and keep up the good work!

  8. Se avessi un jet privato sarebbe un’ ocassione da non perdere…
    Grazie comunque!
    Un grande saluto dall’Estonia!

    • Saluti, Kersti!

    • Bruce Benson says:

      Hi Daniel and Stephania,

      Volevemo arrivare a casa sua. Sono Bruce, il gringo da Los Angeles, con Katie Wake, regazza inglesa. Siamo sono partito da Venizzia per Bo. in treno e arriviamo alle 17.45. Do you still have room at the table?

      • Hiya Gringo!
        We have room for you and your friend. You need the 27A or B to Via Byron (that’s the one going down Via Indipendenza away from Piazza Maggiore, bus stop Zanichelli. I’ll e-mail you privately our address and a phone number, as the house can be awkward to find.

  9. John Badham-Thornhill says:

    Thanks so much for the invite but unfortunately I am back in Palazzo del Pero just outside Arezzo. Left Bologna yesterday after a weeks Italian lessons….need a rest! Maybe next time. Thanks anyway, John

  10. Tempting invitation…a little bit challenging as well. I’d love to join you but I’m afraid I can’t make it for tonight…just received the email, probably I’ll need at least 3 hours to get there from Sofia in the best case by plane…(too expensive…) But you are welcome at my place hehe when you will be around, let me know and come by…

    • Thanks, Aline. I’ve never been to Sofia (though it’s my daughter’s name…)
      Perhaps I’ll look you up sometime!

  11. Brenda Ellis says:

    Daniel – Wish I could have joined you…but the flight from Victoria, BC Canada would have made me a little late. Hope it was a fabulous and fun evening. Kimberley and I will be there at Christmas, hope to pop by the school and reconnect while we are there. Cheers.

    • Shame, Brenda, but yes Canada is more than a short bus ride away. We understand. See you at Christmas, then!