Take an Italian course, get an A1 or A2 CILS exam FREE!

It’s that time of the year when I suggest boosting your resume, or just motivating yourself to study, by signing up for a CILS Italian language exam.

And, as usual, we have a special promotion!

Book a group Italian course of any length, even just a week, at the same time as registering for a CILS exam at our center and we will discount your course by the cost of the A1 or A2 exam (€40).

In effect, you pay for your course, and get an A1 or A2 exam for FREE!

Or, if you’d prefer to take one of the more costly, higher-level exams, you still qualify for a €40 discount on your course.

(Please note that this offer does not apply to individual Italian lessons, only group courses.)

For the next session of CILS, on June 9th, the enrollment deadline is Thursday 7th April 2016.

It’s possible to enrol directly at our school in Bologna, or online through our shop. Here are the links:

View all levels
CILS A1 (elementary) €40
CILS A2 (pre-intermediate) €40
CILS B1 (intermediate) €90
CILS B2 (upper-intermediate) €105
CILS C1 (advanced) €135
CILS C2 (proficiency) €160

If unsure about your level, or anything else for that matter, here’s how to contact us with your question.

So, that’s the exam enrollment sorted… What about an Italian course, to get you up to speed before the exam?

Here are the links to the different options we offer (remember, the offer detailed above only applies to group courses, not individual or online Italian lessons):

For more information:

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